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      Vacuum suction 16070h

      Tel : 0593-8977897 0593-8977898
      Fax :0593-8977896
      Email :fjztleather@163.com
       Product number: Vacuum suction 16070h 
      Product properties: Stretch leather base fabric or warp-knit leather base fabric substrate, PU polyurethane foam layer, PU polyurethane surface layer 
      Product performance: peel strength ≥ 2.5 kg, hydrolysis resistance ≥ 3 years, surface scratch resistance , Zigzag resistance and other 
      products that meet the relevant national standards Product use: Women's shoe leather, luggage leather 
      Notice: ① Product properties, color water and performance are produced according to user needs, ② Product styles are customized according to user requirements, ③ Price is negotiable