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      Development history


         Founded in 1999, Zhongtian Leather Co., Ltd. is located in the demonstration area of ??China's ecological synthetic leather base on the coast of the East China Sea, China. It is a science, industry and trade joint-stock enterprise integrating ecological synthetic leather research and development, production, sales and service, 2016 In accordance with the China Plastics Association's synthetic leather industry development plan, it was integrated into the Fuding Ecological Synthetic Leather Industrial Park as a whole. The company occupies a total area of ??82,000m2, a construction area of ??5,3500m2, a fixed asset investment of more than 270 million yuan, and the company has more than 480 employees, including: more than 100 senior technical staff, more than 25 senior management staff. Possessing more than 100 sets of post-processing equipment such as four advanced wet production lines, three dry production lines, three-plate printing presses, spraying machines, crown coating machines, dermabrasion machines, embossing machines, kneading machines, foaming furnaces, etc. The design and production capacity of ecological synthetic leather is 20 million meters, with an annual output value of 520 million yuan. The company has wholly-owned subsidiaries; the trading platform of Wenzhou Ruisheng Foreign Trade Company and the ecological synthetic leather production base of Fuding Xinwanhua Leather Decoration Company. The company is a vice-chairman unit of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association , a director unit of the Artificial Leather and Synthetic Leather Committee of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, a scientific and technological innovation unit of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, a member unit of the International Green Procurement Alliance, and a chairman unit of the Wenzhou Synthetic Leather Chamber of Commerce.

        The company has more than 10 functional new materials with independent intellectual property practical patents, 4 national ecological synthetic leather invention patents, and has formed an independent intellectual property system of Zhongtian. And take the lead in passing ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification, EU CE certification, ecological green certification and other series of certifications, products have passed international SGS testing, and international SGS, Tianxiang Group, Bureau Veritas and other authority The long-term cooperation of the product testing agencies of the company, testing the raw and auxiliary materials and finished products used, and strictly in accordance with the standards of the management system in the production process to control product quality, truly ecological and environmental protection, committed to creating green and flawless products, Strive to contribute to the greener environmental protection of shoe leather, luggage leather, and high-end furniture decoration.

        The company has established a product testing center, which has complete product quality testing and inspection capabilities. The testing instruments include gas chromatographs, liquid chromatographs, X-ray spectrometers, and dozens of professional and precise testing instruments. The factory meets the customer's requirements and strives to form environmentally friendly products that have environmental protection requirements in line with international standards.

        The company has a management and scientific research and development team with exquisite technology, strong development capabilities, high business quality, rich management experience, and high level of innovation and creativity, laying a solid technical and management foundation for technology upgrades, product innovation, product research and development, and scientific management. . The company's development is inseparable from their silent dedication and technological innovation and management innovation.

        The best-selling products require the products to have ecological and environmental protection connotations, excellent quality, and sincere service. The company always upholds; the business philosophy of "pursuing excellent quality as its mission and satisfying the needs of customers" has won praises and praises from customers.

        The waves were rushing into the sand, and Fang showed true gold. The heavy rain rushed through, making the green pines more towering. The competition is fierce, showing the charm of Zhongtian. On the historical stage of the new era, Zhongtian Leather Co., Ltd. is taking firm faith, full of enthusiasm, and innovative spirit. Brilliant.