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      Chairman of the company Wang Meirui was invited to participate in the forum on the development of ecological synthetic leather and green manufacturing in Lichuan County

      2019-12-30 16:13 admin

        On May 11, 2019, Wang Meirui (the chairman of our company), the director of the synthetic leather professional committee of the Lichuan County People's Government and the China Plastics Processing Association, was invited to participate in the "Lichuan County Ecological Synthetic Leather Development and Green Manufacturing Symposium". At the forum, Chen Yongmei, the director of the management committee, introduced the development of the new ecological plastic industrial park in Lichuan. The chairman of our company, Wang Meirui, made a keynote speech, introduced the development history of Wenzhou synthetic leather in detail, and the problems existing in the development process, and put forward specific ideas for the development of China's synthetic leather industry, which were highly praised by the participants.

        The meeting unanimously agreed that artificial leather, synthetic leather, and microfiber leather are an emerging material industry, an important means of production for the national economy, and an indispensable civilian production industry. At present, the pressure on enterprises to invest in product technology, environmental governance, and market development is very high. Under the situation of severe imbalance between the supply of raw materials and market demand, manufacturers in the industry must strengthen scientific management, improve and standardize business integrity, and comply with regulations. To jointly maintain the sustainable economic development of the industry. The meeting proposed that the "Three-year Action Plan for Reducing Volatile Organic Compounds in the Artificial Leather and Synthetic Leather Industry" should be used as a guide to solidly promote ecological development, green transformation and upgrading, improve quality and efficiency, improve development quality, and enhance comprehensive competitiveness.