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      Company chairman Wang Meirui went to Linhai to conduct research

      2019-12-30 16:11 admin

        From October 28th to 29th, Wang Meirui (the chairman of our company), Secretary-General Feng Yijun and Wenzhou Synthetic Leather Chamber of Commerce made a special trip to Linhai Medical Chemical Park to investigate synthetic leather enterprises. The investigation team inspected Zhejiang Goldman Sachs Synthetic Leather Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Ruili Leather Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Haobo Synthetic Leather Co., Ltd. and held a symposium in the conference room of Zhejiang Goldman Sachs Synthetic Leather Co., Ltd., executive vice chairman of Linhai Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce Wenwen Zhou, Secretary General Fang Jingbao and some synthetic leather entrepreneurs attended the forum.

        At the symposium, Linhai Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce introduced the current problems encountered by the current synthetic leather companies in the park and their future development ideas. Feng Shujun, secretary general of the China Plastics Association Artificial Leather Synthetic Leather Special Committee, introduced the environmental permit system and the current status and development trend of the industry. The chairman of our company, Wang Meirui, conveyed the spirit of the sixth meeting of the Seventh Standing Committee of the China Plastics Association and the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the founding of the China Plastics Association. At the symposium, the entrepreneurs exchanged issues such as production technology reform, environmental improvement, product transformation, enterprise employment, and industry standards faced during the development of the synthetic leather industry. Wang Meirui detailed the relevant situation of the state's forthcoming standards for the application of pollution discharge permits and technical specifications for the rubber and plastic products industry. At the symposium, everyone seriously analyzed the current four major dilemmas facing synthetic leather companies: first, the market is shrinking, second, environmental protection, third, helpless transformation, and fourth, production costs.

        Wang Meirui said that facing the four mountains, entrepreneurs must have enough confidence. Under the new normal, there must be new ideas, new ideas and new models in order to obtain new development of the enterprise. To cope with many pressures, enterprises must first cultivate the micro-cycle, and secondly, they must build the confidence of winning and innovate the business model. Third, we must be willing to invest, control the source of pollution, and strengthen terminal governance. Fourth, we must take the opportunity to promote product transformation and upgrading. In the future, it is necessary to continuously strengthen the industry research work, be brave in exploring, innovate continuously, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the synthetic leather industry.