You want to prepare your children to take a greater role in managing your family’s wealth. But are they ready for the responsibilities that come with it?

Successfully managing your family’s wealth journey is about more than investments, business assets and legal documents. It’s also about values, relationships and a shared purpose.

At Perpetual, our Family Office team will work with you to create the blueprint to protect and pass on your family business and wealth. Just as importantly, we will also have the conversations that foster the culture and vision necessary to maintain the family wealth for generations to come.

A Family Office structure oversees and centralises the management of your family’s investments, tax, succession and estate planning and philanthropic giving and more. With a multi-generational plan in place to manage your family’s wealth and successfully transfer your business assets and investments to the next generation, you can be confident that you’re setting your children – and grandchildren – up for enduring prosperity.

Securing your family’s future

Meet our clients

Where are you on your journey?

  • Managing wealth

    • Strategic financial advice
    • Investment advice & management
    • Income, savings & debt management
    • Personal insurance
    • Tax & accounting
    • Health & personal injury support
    • Family office
    • Property management
    Perpetual Private

    Exceptional financial advice to protect and grow your wealth. That’s our enduring commitment to you backed by an investment philosophy that has stood the test of time.


    • Superannuation & pension management
    • Power of attorney & Lifestyle assistance
    Perpetual Private

    A post-work paradise takes careful planning. We can help you to structure your finances effectively and create an investment portfolio that protects your wealth without jeopardising your lifestyle.


    • Charitable giving & philanthropy
    • Trust setup & management
    • Wills, estate planning & executorial services
    Perpetual Private

    From the creation of your estate plan through to tax-effective giving structures, our team can help you to create a legacy for the people and causes closest to your heart.

Our family office services

Family members can access a wide range of expertise and resources from Perpetual Private and Fordham, including:

We help you create a family constitution, which allows family members to reach agreement and resolve differences on key issues, promoting family unity and reducing the potential for conflict.

Your family constitution is a master document which establishes a framework for how your family will make joint decisions together on family wealth and business. Typically, a family constitution is based on the mission, vision and values of a family, and provides clarity and transparency of roles and responsibilities for family members.

The combined expertise and resources of Perpetual and Fordham offer an unrivalled intergenerational wealth management solution.

Your family can access a wide range of services including:

  • Asset allocation and investment management
  • Portfolio administration and reporting services
  • Tax and structuring advice
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Bill payment and concierge services
  • Insurance advice
  • Trustee services

We prepare your family for their role as stewards of the family wealth by involving them in family governance, family council meetings and philanthropic giving aligned to your family values and vision.

We also provide ongoing education and mentoring to help develop their financial skills, including:

  • Financial advice and investment education and mentoring services
  • Access to well-being programs
  • Access to exclusive family office networks and resources

Giving as a family strengthens your family’s bonds and unites different generations through a common cause and vision. Instead of giving separately, we can help you set up and administer a family charitable trust – one that grows your donations through careful investment decisions, so your family can create and leave a meaningful legacy. 

Involving your family in a charitable trust also demonstrates the value of saving and investing wisely, as they move closer to being responsible stewards of the family wealth. Our team specialises in:

  • Philanthropic structuring
  • Grant making
  • Trustee services
  • Secretariat support
  • Impact reporting

Find out more on philanthropy with impact



“Successfully transferring family wealth or an active business across generations is one of the greatest challenges a family can face. At Perpetual, I help families manage not just their wealth, but also the family’s governance, successional planning and philanthropic connections to ensure the family wealth will endure and prosper for many generations to come”. – Ed Ryan, Partner, Perpetual Private, VIC

Meet the team

Your best interests at heart

Earning your trust

Perpetual has been managing, protecting and growing its clients’ wealth since 1886. Among the group of businesspeople that founded Perpetual were Sir Edmund Barton, soon to be the first Prime Minister of Australia and Sir James Fairfax, Perpetual’s first Chairman. They founded Perpetual as a trustee company partly because they needed an entity to look after their family wealth, and their legacies, far into the future.

The founders and early clients of Perpetual had complex lives. They had busy and demanding professional careers, growing families and multiple business, philanthropic and investment interests. Many of these clients wanted help in managing their financial affairs as well as discreetly growing and protecting their wealth for their children and future generations. Perpetual has been providing this service now for more than 130 years – some of our client relationships have spanned beyond five generations.

Trust is earned, every day.

Watch as Perpetual's CEO Rob Adams talks about how trust has to be earned every day and introduces a telling true-to-life example.

How we work with you

For generations we have supported families as they build and pass on their personal and business wealth. It’s a tried and true approach that starts by taking the time to understand you and your family. When we know your values and what you want for your family, we build a Family Office structure with the services you need.

It is at this point that the breadth of the Perpetual service becomes important. Under one roof at Perpetual, we offer you access to specialists in investing (across all asset classes), business consulting, tax and accounting, estate planning, philanthropy, superannuation, insurance and more.

We also have a trusted network of business partners who can help with other services you need, or we can work closely with your existing trusted advisers.

With Perpetual, your Family Office structure is not ‘set and forget’. We recognise that life has ups and downs and as your family’s priorities and situation changes, we’ll help you stay on track.

Investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is to protect and grow your wealth carefully selecting suitable investments that reflect the level of risk you’re comfortable with, as well as your investment objectives. To achieve this, we diversify risk across asset classes, within asset classes, across countries and fund managers. We take a long-term approach to investing because we believe quality investments yield benefits in the long run. Our advisers and investment specialists have a high duty of care in developing portfolios and ensuring Perpetual’s stringent quality investment filters are met.

Investment Management page has more in-depth information and insights.


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